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Growing up in Northern California on a steady listening diet of showtunes sung in the kitchen, rock and roll played in the garage, hymns in the pews and hippie tunes by the fire, the soundtrack of my childhood is reflected in my musical creations today.

I believe in the power of song to provide narrative, build tension and bring release. I explore love, loss, the spiritual and the menial in my work. My guitar is my guide, my cohorts my biggest influences.

An experience is what we are all after when we seek out music, and I appreciate you sharing that experience with me.


I have been blessed to play music with the kindest, warmest, most supportive and talented friends and family a dude imagine. We strive to create a space with each story we tell for the audience to connect and reflect, feel and wheel. And we like when you dance. Let’s do more of that. Thank you to:


Keys & Vocals / Lucas Heid
Bass & Vocals / Tim Mills
Drums & Percussion / Greg Maximov
Guitar / Adam Dragland


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 TONY GLASER AND THE PARTY - DRAGLAND - IAN HEID — at THE IVY ROOM — December 20, 2018 - 2 for 1 TIX



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